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Shannon Porfiris

Shannon Porfiris

Operations Associate

Shannon Porfiris joined the LWM team in 2019 as Operations Associate. Shannon performs essential administrative and support functions, including running reports, preparing correspondence, processing new accounts, account transfers, and beneficiary changes, and researching answers to client inquiries. A master multitasker and self-proclaimed “organize-aholic”, she assists in scheduling appointments and answering the phone with gusto and grace.

Shannon’s professional background includes over 10 years of bookkeeping and accounting positions in many different sectors. Out of her experience as a personal and business assistant she founded That Girl Friday, a company that delivered her skills to the small businesses that needed them. Her love of writing and organizing were perfectly wedded when, in previous positions, she was called to create procedure manuals for her employers.

Shannon draws on her experience working in her family’s restaurant for lessons she carries over to her personal and professional pursuits. One such lesson is that “We meet everyone for a reason. Either they’re a lesson or a blessing. Sometimes it’s both!”  She loves the Sunday afternoons she spends at the restaurant because she is surrounded by her family, and the patrons who have become so, over the years.

Shannon holds a Bachelor of Science in psychology. A native New Yorker raised in New Jersey, she now lives in South Florida and enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband, Aaron, and their two dogs.