Neelie Sacharow

Neelie Sacharow

Wealth Advisor

Neelie Sacharow believes that true freedom can only be achieved when one is financially independent. Pursuing one’s goals involves more than just number crunching and investment management. Over time, her clients become aware that true financial freedom can only be pursued through comprehensive financial planning that takes into consideration the “big picture.”

To that end, Neelie conducts a comprehensive financial analysis that focuses on getting to know the clients’ current overall financial situation; and, of equal importance, what the clients’ vision of their financial future looks like. It is Neelie’s desire to help her clients gain clarity regarding what financial freedom means to them and to understand what it will take to realistically pursue it.

Neelie was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, but has lived in many different places throughout America. In 2004 she returned to live in South Florida after having spent eight years in the mountains of North Carolina. She has four amazing sons and four equally amazing grandchildren, and enjoys sharing her home with two large dogs, seven cats, and an ever-expanding collection of crystals. She is an ethical vegan.

After spending over ten years as a spiritual advisor, Neelie developed a burning desire to help people take control of their finances. Her move to Legacy Wealth Management in September of 2010 was based on a desire to offer her clients more freedom of choice, better financial planning options, and investment advice that is truly independent.

Neelie is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee.

Neelie’s passions include travel, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, dancing, music, reading, Renaissance Fairs, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and pursuing her Spiritual path.