Your Personal Financial Management Website

Your Personal Financial Management Website

June 17, 2019
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Ever feel like you don’t have a clear picture of your finances? Maybe one of these scenarios sounds familiar:

  • You track what you earn and spend each month but wonder how your spending decisions impact your lifetime cash flow.
  • You view certain investment accounts on one website, other accounts on a different one, and yet others through mailed paper statements.
  • You aren’t sure how much your home and other property is worth or how these assets fit into your overall financial health.

What if you could have all your financial information in one place?

As our client, you can.

Our financial planning and investment clients have access to their own personal financial management website. Take control of your finances with the following features:

ORGANIZER: Connect all your accounts in one place for a consolidated look at your finances, saving you time.

INVESTMENTS: Monitor your investment performance and asset allocation with the help of interactive charts.

COLLABORATE: Interactive screen share sessions make it simple to visualize and discuss financial planning scenarios in real-time with your advisor. 

VAULT: Safely store important personal and financial documents, accessible any time.

SPENDING AND BUDGETING: Track and understand your spending habits, and work toward the savings goals you set for yourself.

MOBILE: Access your data on any smart device, any time you need it.

GOALS: See if you’re on target to reach your goals – your advisor will help you every step of the way.

SECURE: Your data is kept secure through password protection, 2-factor authentication, the highest level of encryption in the industry, and more.

We’re all looking for peace of mind when it comes to our finances. Organizing your finances with the help of an advisor and the right tools can give you a boost of confidence when making financial decisions. Call us to see how we could help you see your complete financial picture at (954) 474-7100.

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